Sady Hayashida, A.I.A.

Mr. Hayashida founded Hayashida Architects in 1979 after a successful career as the Assistant Director of Architecture for the Victoria Station restaurants. Through the formation of his own firm, Mr. Hayashida gained the independence and creative direction needed to ensure the quality of [...]

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Jerry Veiluva, A.I.A.

Mr. Veiluva joined Hayashida Architects in 1990 and became Vice President in 1994. Mr. Veiluva’s area of expertise includes project management, design development and production drawings for expanding restaurant, shopping centers, grocery and drug store chains. Mr. Veiluva is a member of the [...]

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Lloyd Fogelhut, A.I.A.

Mr. Fogelhut joined Hayashida Architects in 1991 and became Vice President in charge of Information Systems and CAD in 1997. Mr. Fogelhut’s area of expertise includes architectural design, construction documents and project management for tenant improvement projects for regional shopping [...]

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Angie Green

Angie comes to Hayashida Architects with 15+ years of marketing management expertise in the A/E consulting field. Angie works closely with the principals of the firm, and is responsible for all internal and external marketing and business development activities. Angie represents and promotes [...]

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Duong Nguyen, A.I.A., LEED AP

Duong Nguyen has over 15 years of experience working with public agencies, retailers, real estate developers, non-profit organizations and homeowners. He understands the unique requirements of each client and through attention to details, bring their visions to fruition. He is familiar with [...]

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