Sady Hayashida, A.I.A.

Mr. Hayashida founded Hayashida Architects in 1979 after a successful career as the Assistant Director of Architecture for the Victoria Station restaurants. Through the formation of his own firm, Mr. . . .


Jerry Veiluva, A.I.A.

Mr. Veiluva joined Hayashida Architects in 1990 and became Vice President in 1994. Mr. Veiluva’s area of expertise includes project management, design development and production drawings for expanding restaurant, shopping . . .


Lloyd Fogelhut, A.I.A.

Mr. Fogelhut joined Hayashida Architects in 1991 and became Vice President in charge of Information Systems and CAD in 1997. Mr. Fogelhut’s area of expertise includes architectural design, construction documents . . .