A.R.E. Outstanding Merit Award

Creating a series of neighborhoods that target consumers by specific zones, Orchard Supply created a Zen-like shopping environment by stripping away the unnecessary. Zones were created and reinforced through decor, color blocking, finishes, and clusters of fixtures. The Outdoors Zone, for [...]

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Berkeley Design Advocate

Hayashida Architects worked with the Berkeley Landmark Commission, the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association, and with the Japanese community locally and from abroad, to convert a historic Art Deco building, originally a car dealership owned by the same owner of the famous racehorse [...]

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SF Gate: Finding My Religion

Sady Hayashida, designer of the Berkeley Jodo Shinshu Center, on the Japanese-American internment camps and the idea of non-attachment
David Ian Miller
Monday, January 29, 2007

One of the central tenets of Buddhism is non-attachment — the idea that we live in a world of [...]

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Hayashida Architects collaborated with Engstrom Design Group on the design of the Vert, a brasserie style eatery in the new Hollywood & Highland entertainment complex.   This 168 seat brasserie boasts A-list Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck.

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SF Business Times: Design Your Own Destiny

By Allyce Bess, Business Times Staff Writer

Sunday, August 8, 1999, 9:00pm PDT

When Sady Hayashida was a boy playing with Legos, building model airplanes, and excelling in elementary school art classes, his father told him he should be an architect, not an artist, so he could [...]

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