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Delta Vector Control District

Visalia, California

Hayashida Architects designed a new 4,264 square foot laboratory building which contains two functions. The foremost function is the new lab suite, which contains a main lab, with separate bio-safety level 2 & 3 labs, and office spaces. The second function is a conference suite, which is used for training personnel from the Delta VCD, and other surrounding districts. The conference room also provides a public meeting space for the Board of Trustee.

Glazed concrete masonry was chosen as a primary material for the new facility based on its sustainable quality and attractiveness. It has significant pre-consumer recycle content, durable finish that never requires repainting, and performs as thermal mass for tempering the extreme temperatures of summer and winter.

Delta Vector Control District-solar panels The building energy performance was tested prior to construction by using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. A 3D model was constructed in Revit and analyzed with Green Building Studio. Based on climate data, building design, and heating/cooling system, BIM software afforded us the opportunity to tweak the design for optimum energy conservation. Additionally, photovoltaic panels supply 30% of the electrical load.

We also used the BIM software to provide us with accurate take-offs of materials and finishes to provide for a more accurate construction cost estimate prior to start of the project. Our construction cost estimate was within 5% of the winning bid for construction of the new facility.  The construction cost estimate provided a basis for the District to request through ballot, the temporary tax assessment for funding of the new building.

photo: David Swann Photography