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Jacoby Residence

Oakland, California

Mr. Jacoby wanted to remodel his home in the Oakland Hills.  Currently he worked out of his house, and wanted to expand the home office to make it more comfortable for his business.  At the same time, he pointed out how his front access was not very inviting to guests. The steps were not safe and he was thinking about a new porch and trellis to create a comfortable and inviting entry to his home.  Additionally, he and his wife wanted to remodel the kitchen and downstairs family room, including adjacent laundry and guest bedroom.

The challenge was to remodel the kitchen so that it could feel larger but not increase its footprint within the house.   As the solution, the enclosed kitchen was opened up to the living room and dining area, making the overall space appear more inviting to guests.

Downstairs, rearrangement of the laundry area provided an opportunity in creating a more spacious family room which connected to the outdoor via new patio doors to the back patio.