Mechanics Bank

Richmond, California

Starting out as a small bank in 1905 in Richmond, California, Mechanics Bank now provided full banking services throughout California.   When Mechanics Bank needed a new state-of-the-art branch in Richmond, they gave us an opportunity to come up with a viable plan that retrofitted an existing Mexican restaurant.  The old barn-style building was restructured and renovated to house a modern bank, completed with an open lobby and teller line, security vault, and an old-fashioned drive-up teller.   As part of this renovation, the client would like us to redefine the Mechanics Bank brand, with emphasis on “mechanics”.  Because of the bank history with shipyard during WWII and railroad, we wanted to evoke mechanics and metals, by designing custom metallic 3D panels and column wraps in the lobby.

As a nod to its long history and origin in Richmond, Mechanics Bank dedicated half of the building square footage to a separate Community Room, for the city non-profit uses.

This new branch ushers in a new era for us in Richmond, and embodies our continued commitment to this community

Rauly Butler, Mechanics Bank Executive Vice President, and head of Retail Banking

photo of lobby: courtesy of Marvin Collins Construction