TSS Office Remodel

Berkeley, California

Early planning was the key to the success of this two story office renovation project.  Right from the start, a team of architect, interior space planner, and contractor worked together to achieve the client’s goals: construction budget, aesthetic, and schedule.   It was very important to the client that their office remained in operation through out the renovation process.

To meet the client’s budget, we identify existing components to remain.  We focused resources on components that needed to be upgraded to modern standard, such as LED lighting, durable materials, and new furnishings.  For the open office and meeting rooms, carpet tiles replaced existing carpet because carpet tiles could be easily repaired.  For the hallway and cafeteria, sheet vinyl replaced VCT because sheet vinyl was more durable and waterproofed.  Rubber treads were added to the existing concrete stairs for safety and noise reduction.  The meeting space opened up with full glass wall.   The transformation from the old office to the new was embraced by all the staff.