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Shintani Residence

LaFayette, California

Mr. Shintani contributed greatly to the modern design of his master and guest bath remodels, from custom cabinetry design, plumbing fixture selection to paint colors.  The architect and Mr. Shintani came up with the design from the first initial meeting.  While the design and plan were developed over time to accommodate the client’s needs, the overall design intent remained intact.  The close cooperation between client and architect included visiting local showrooms to select materials and fixtures.

Attention to details were important to create this modern and clean look.  The guest bath used beautiful glass wall tiles to evoke the sea.  The master bath used “cor-ten metal” porcelain wall tiles to evoke the earth.  Both bathrooms faced the backyard, with a steep hill that belonged to Mr. Shintani’s property, which allowed both bath to have large transparent windows and connect with the outdoor garden.  Modern aluminum sliding glass doors with frosted glass rounded up the design with a nod to Japanese shoji screen doors.

photo courtesy: Tim Lawlor Construction